Announcing Merger with Thrive Networks!

On June 30th, 2014, with only hours left on HHI’s life clock….  (read Part 1)

John Anner, CEO of Thrive Networks, along with two of his colleagues, called to talk about the potential of HHI merging with their organization. John had heard about HHI’s situation via One Heart World-wide and he saw the win-win-win potential of HHI joining Thrive’s family of programs. He recognized the huge value of HHI’s program as a service that they didn’t have, saw how was a fit with their mission and their projects. And, he saw how in merging, HHI could get a wealth of support from Thrive and their team.

This led to meetings with the Board, John visiting us in Portland, me visiting Thrive in Oakland. We all asked lots of questions, gave real, authentic answers and dug deep. When I told John that I wasn’t interested in “incremental growth for HHI,” but only in a “quantum leap,” we penciled out what a likely first joint project would be. Using Thrive’s existing network of community trainers around India who train women and adolescent girls in micro-finance and family planning, HHI could easily be added in and thereby reach as many women every year as HHI has been able to reach in 10 years. Sold!

On HHI’s 10th anniversary, I am proud and elated to announce, that HHI is now a part of Thrive Networks! This merger offers HHI the potential for a true quantum leap! We are in the midst of all the details and paperwork that this involves, but it is all moving forward with the full and enthusiastic support of HHI’s Board.


This is a big leap! And we still need your help and support to ensure that HHI’s transition into Thrive Networks is successful. Together our organizations have incredible new projects and funding opportunities, but these will take some time to manifest. Your support now will help create the runway we need to reconfigure and re-launch HHI into new, far larger projects, with the potential to reach to times the number of moms/dads and babies! Support HHI now* and your gift will be DOUBLED by the Greenbaum Foundation. (*until 12/31/14, up to $50,000)

I want to say a true, deep and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has given of their time, talents and treasures to grow HHI into the beautiful success it has become. Be proud! You have been a part of a grand and deeply meaningful social experiment, starting and propelling forward education, love, knowledge, and actions that have touched more than 42,000 moms/dads and caregivers, and 150,000+ young children! The outcomes have been beyond anything we could have predicted, from lowered mortality, improved health, early and greater language and cognitive development, and more. And caregivers report outcomes including greater love and bonding between them and their baby, ceasing corporal punishment and even stopping domestic violence in their homes.

It has been a challenge, but more than that, this adventure called HHI has been the best thing I’ve ever done and I am so excited that I get to keep doing it, that HHI will not only live – but Thrive! My hope is that you will continue to support HHI, to continue on as friends and donors.