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Supporting Peace & Healing in Liberia

They gathered from around Liberia, coming together to heal, learn, and gain tools to bring back to the 1,500 rural communities they represent. They are leaders from 30 local nonprofit groups, representing remote areas still recovering from decades of civil war and violence, and from the recent devastation of Ebola.One pathway to healing and peace? Enter Hands to Hearts International.

Hands to Hearts International, contributes to the healing in Liberia.

Hands to Hearts International, contributes to the healing in Liberia.

Philip, the director of West Africa Network for Peacebuilding-Liberia, said he will use HHI’s Baby Massage video as part of his organization’s efforts to build peace, human security, and development, ultimately reducing gender-based violence and child abuse. He told us:

“Children everywhere need care, love and affection. This baby massage video will be used in WANEP’s training sessions in helping participant groups to learn basic skills in helping their kids be loved and show similar love to others, and grow healthy in a peaceful environment to become future leaders.

Another participant in the training, Roland, noted that women and children are too often the victims of policies and decisions beyond their control. He was inspired by the training, calling it “a tool that will help us awaken their minds to take positive action.”

We heard similar enthusiastic reactions from so many of these leaders:

      • “Liberia needs this. There is nothing like it here.”
      • “This program is very important.”
      • “This is a perfect time to introduce these concepts. People are ready to hear them.”
      • “We are working with pregnant women We need to introduce this information to them and then work with them after delivery on these things.”
      • “Post Ebola there are many orphanages and many families with orphaned children.”

With your help, Hands to Hearts is playing a part in reducing the culture of violence in this beautiful country and helping restore the peaceful society Liberians deserve.