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gDiapers’ LOVED Collection Benefits HHI

gDiapers just released their latest collection (and we think cutest!) and a generous portion of the proceeds support our on-going work with moms and babies in India.  The new LOVED collection was inspired our shared missions of supporting babies and their families in one of the most basic human needs – Love.

With a bold stamp of Loved, the new Love Me gPants and tees artfully declare the critical desire of our hearts. From the moment we are born we all want, and need, to be loved. But for families battling hunger, poverty and disease, it can be a struggle to provide that need, which hinders babies’ ability to thrive. A portion of each sale of the specially-designed Love Me gPants and tee will benefit Hands to Hearts International, identified by the Fetzer Institute as an “an exemplar of love”.


Love Me gPants are a limited edition, so get yours soon! Available at gDiapers.com.

Thank you g!  We LOVE you too!!!

gLoved pant.tee

HHI Invited to Clinton Global Initiative

We are thrilled to announce that Hands to Hearts International was chosen for a complimentary membership in the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).  This is a very big deal, in the non-profit world this is like winning an Oscar!  There are very few complimentary memberships given per year, and you can only apply by invitation. Normal cost of membership starts at $20,000.

CGI was created by President Clinton in an effort to gather together hundreds of leaders from the business and government sectors, leading foundations, and civil society and support them in joining resources — finances, organizational capacity, governmental powers, and innovative ideas – to ensure that powerful ideas turn into real actions!

The world’s largest agencies (World Health Org., UNICEF, etc…), governments and researchers from the most prestigious universities in the world (Harvard, Yale, Columbia…) have all begun to recognize the power of investing in early childhood development. It was just published in the Lancet Journal that the most important component foundation for child health and therefore a lifetime of health is, “A stable and engaged family environment in which parents show interest and encourage their child’s development and learning…” (Read full article)

HHI is happy to offer our program model as a solution for global health!

Starting with Gratitude

We start the new year with a gigantic THANK YOU to The Greenbaum Foundation for providing a $50,000 matching grant to support the women, men and children of Hands to Hearts!  The foundation’s gift secures the core operating support for all of HHI’s programming and encourages everyone to get involved by matching donors dollar for dollar in their end of year giving.

We are honored by your generous giving, of donations, faith, advocacy, and so much more!

Thanks to everyone who joined in on this end of year matching grant -

David Pyle & Sarah Newhall , Hayden Hamilton, So Hum Foundation, Don & Roberta Peterson, The Graham-Nye Family, gDiapers, Sara B. Cooper,  Burke Charitable Fund, Tammy Zinsmeister & Peter Cuijpers, Marjorie Marsh, and Tom & Janet O’Reilly

Kristin Oberholtzer, Mark Hashizume, Marie Balance, Joe & Lorraine Hackenbracht,  Kirk & Anne Peterson, Wendy Kelly, Andrew Stifler, Richard & Sandra Bunn, The Shimpi Family, Kellie & Josh Peirce, Inez Merida, Vivekanand Tiwari, Karin Salzman, Elizabeth Tillman, George & Erica Bach, Glenn & Patricia Gorman, Tanya Kramer, Nechama Katan, David Goodall, Therese Morrissey, Edith Dal Mas, Steffen Saifer, Julie Shivley, Jeff Harvey, Alison Sizer, David & Sarah Coffman, Betty McDonald, Dave Riveness, Julie Talbot, Laura Peterson, Rob & Mary Kweit, George Apatachioae, Julie Livingston, Robert Hamilton, Theresa Pridemore, Christa Sprinkle, Margo Vandenberg, Grishma Rane, Imke Oster, Leadership Garden Legacy Fund, Doe Hatfield, Paoli Presbyterian Church, Kathryn & John Wiley, Anjali Rathore & Prabu Muthu, David Sawyer, Ruth Nelson, Christopher Scott Elgin, Cynthia Simons, Krista & Jill Emmert-Tricarico, Karen Stensrude, Robert Hale, Barbara Ryan, Melissa Bloom, Chloe O’Gara, Karen Vrilakas, Betty Palmberg, Trish & Rick Kindberg, Ted & Barbara Widmayer, Estela Bernal, Paul & Ruth DeLomba, Edward & Patricia McGarr, Christy Hudson, Gun Denhart, Kyle Stevens, Julio Brown, Joan Anderson, Michael Smolens, Frank Lofgren, Cheryl Sallee, Ciel Sander, Barb Ryan, Lois & Barry Wiggins, Levi Query, Kevin Faul, Alissa Keny-Guyer, and Shauna Mohr

Together, we are bringing greater knowledge, love, and health into the world.  And for this, we are deeply grateful.

Happy new year to all!

Help Turn $50,000 into $100,000!

The Greenbaum Foundation is challenging HHI to go BIG!  They will DOUBLE any and all donations made by Dec. 31st, up to $50,000!

Hands to Hearts awakens love, kindles compassion and saves lives – literally!  HHI was founded on the premise that love is the basic building block of our humanity, health and the strong social fabric that weaves us all into healthy communities.


Since 2006, we have worked with more than 27,000 moms, dads, health workers, traditional birth attendants, day care workers, orphanage staff and others. HHI trainings have been held under trees, in the middle of streets, in churches, classrooms, orphanages and health clinics. And this all means that more than 106,000 children are now being touched with greater love, nurturing and knowledge, and lives are literally being saved! 

Your donation during this challenge grant enables HHI to serve thousands more children, families and communities around the world!

Donate Now

Invest in LOVE and knowledge & change the world!

$25 = $50  ~ Transforms the lives of TEN children  

$50 = $100 ~ Transforms the lives of TWENTY children  

$100  = $200 ~ Transforms the lives of FORTY children 

$250 =  $500 ~ Transforms a whole Village!

Vote Laura for our Local Lady GODIVA

HHI’s founder and Director has been selected as one of only 9 women in the nation to become a semi-finalist in the local Lady GODIVA Program!

Out of more than 3,000 nominations, Laura’s been chosen because of her generous spirit, passionate leadership and commitment to HHI. The country was divided into 3 regions and we need your vote in order for Laura to be considered for the big Lady GODIVA award and $10,000 for HHI.

From June 5 to June 28 you can vote for Laura ONCE PER DAY. After voting closes, one woman from each region will receive a $1,000 grant and advance as a finalist to the next round of the program, where she’ll be eligible for a $10,000 grant!

Vote for Laura now and be sure to tell your friends!

Want to know more about Laura? Listen to why she founded HHI.

Curious about Lady GODIVA? Read her story.