About us


Hands to Hearts International (HHI) envisions a world where all children are nurtured, healthy, safe and set to reach their full developmental potential; and where caregivers are empowered and valued.


Hands to Hearts International improves the health and development of vulnerable children (ages 0-3) globally by training caregivers in  early childhood development and nurturing parenting skills.

What we do

HHI has developed an evidence-based training program and curriculum that is scalable, replicable, cost effective and applicable to a wide array of caregivers (parents, grandparents, foster parents, health workers, traditional birth attendants, day care and orphanage staff).

HHI’s training is always delivered in the community, led by HHI Trainers, who are local leaders, fluent in their community’s language and culture. These Trainers teach caregivers how to improve their ability to nurture their children’s language, social, cognitive and physical development, and how to support their health, nutrition and early learning. It also emphasizes the importance of love and the critical role of bonding and attachment, which establishes the base for all future relationships and a healthy social fabric.

By providing quality information on early childhood development (ECD), and connecting this to local tools, traditions and practices, HHI offers skills and information that are applicable and meaningful regardless of resources or literacy.


As of December 2015, HHI’s training reached 43,570 caregivers, positively affecting more than 157,000 children. HHI has worked in India, Russia, Uganda, Haiti, Swaziland, Namibia, Liberia, Zimbabwe, and the United States. The effects reported by people who were trained in HHI’s material include:

  • Children: Less incidence of illness, faster recovery time, improved weight gain, happier and easier to soothe, greater language development and enhanced overall development.
  • Caregivers: 35 to 40% gain in knowledge after the training. More nurturing, more nutritious meal planning, better hygiene, decreased corporal punishment, decrease in domestic violence, greater confidence and ability to advocate and care for their child.

HHI can be applied to any situation, including health initiatives, early learning projects and long-term community building. Learn more about our technical services here.