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Let’s Talk About ECD, Baby!

For a long time, those of us working the field of early childhood development (ECD) have been talking about its importance—particularly in the birth to age three range. And for a long time, it’s seemed as though we were the only people talking about it. Finally, though there is enough evidence that others are starting to not only talk, but to take action – fund projects, research, etc. Finally!

The Lancet Journal, one of the world’s most respected medical journals, just released another two papers on early childhood development. What they found resonates so deeply with HHI’s mission and vision it’s incredible.

UNICEF released this video about the debate regarding early childhood development. A few key things stand out:

1)  The return on investment in early childhood development is huge! Outcomes later in life are directly linked to experiences in a child’s first few years so reaching children before they are put on the wrong trajectory is crucial.

2)  We can make a difference by offering comprehensive programs (early learning, nutrition, health) with simple messages rather than data and ideas that most of the world’s caregivers’  don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to apply. Amazing validation for HHI’s work! This is exactly what we do! HHI is hands-on, interactive and assumes no resources or even literacy.

3)  There needs to be a dramatic shift in thinking—No more service silos. There needs to be cross-sectoral integrated services that work together on the issues of poverty reduction, health, early learning and nutrition. Narrow, vertical programs do not work!

4)  The papers also note the importance of the maternal support that this type of service provides, especially related to maternal depression. One of the reported outcomes from mother’s who receive HHI training is that they are more confident in their parenting skills. Confident mommies are healthier mommies!  They also report feeling more connected and supported in their community after their HHI group trainings – another factor that helps to lift marginalization and thus depression.

Coaching parents and providing them with support is crucial to supporting the developing child. “This is extremely important not only for a child’s development but also for a child’s survival,” said Dr. Nurper  Ulkuer, chief, early childhood development unit, UNICEF.

“Radical change is the only way we’re going to tackle this problem.” Dr. Richard Horton, chief editor, The Lancet. Governments and international agencies need to bridge services and work together in order to create the necessary change to truly change the world.What can you do? Keep talking about this issue! Continue the conversation on the importance of ECD and how it is the solution to so many problems.

“Every child has the right to develop to her or his fullest potential and to contribute fully to society. Our responsibility to pursue this goal is just as clear.”—Anthony Lake, UNICEF

We agree, wholeheartedly!

Announcing Haiti

We are bringing our Hands to the Hearts of Haiti! We have dreamed about working in Haiti for years. There were long talks, ideas and dreams of how we could go, and how HHI could serve there. The need there is so compelling and the opportunities to serve so numerous. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere: 80% of its population lives under the poverty line and an estimated 15% of the child population is orphaned.


And now the time has come - we have the right partners, the right opportunity and it is the right time. The Alliance for Children Foundation has invited HHI to collaborate on their efforts to serve women and children in the mountain village of Kenscoff, two hours outside of Port-au-Prince. It is here that the Foundation has a Community Center which offers medical services to more than 600 vulnerable children and their families; provides vocational training and an empowerment center for women; and has an Infant’s Home to serves orphans, specifically those from birth to age three, and with special needs.

HHI is excited to partner with the Foundation. We are adapting HHI’s training materials to support the caregiver’s in the Infant’s Home, as well as the 100′s of community parents who want to provide the very best for their children. In May, HHI’s team will join the Foundation in Haiti, to conduct HHI’s early childhood development trainings for caregivers in the Infant’s Home, as well as train a group of local trainers to lead HHI’s training for parents in the community for years to come.

HHI is going to TEDxMtHood

On May 2, 2015, I will be giving the talk of my life at TEDxMtHood, in Portland, OR . My talk is, “LOVE, a low tech solution” and it will be about my favorite topic – Hands to Hearts International and our work to awaken love, kindle compassion and save lives.


With wild enthusiasm and glee, I invite you to join me for this incredible day! You will not only get to hear me give a talk of my life time, but you get to hear a day chock-full of incredible speakers at the amazing new venue, Revolution Hall. And you don’t just get to listen to them, you get full access to them. During breaks throughout the day, you can ask them questions, disagree with them to their face or just enjoy their company over a yummy lunch.

The $70 ticket includes extraordinary inspiration, new friendships, free swag and a delicious lunch! Learn more and get your tickets today! This event sells out every year, so really - get those tickets now! Hoping to seeing you there. And, if you aren’t able to join in, my talk will be posted online a few weeks after the event. I’ll be sure to share the link!

Thank you!


Laura, HHI founder & director – see bio on TEDxMtHood

Portland Radio Project Features HHI

Recently the Portland Radio Project came to an HHI event and recorded interviews from array of different perspectives on HHI’s work and impact in the world. Check out the five mini episodes and share your thoughts.


   #1 – Laura Peterson (founder) and David Pyle (Board)

   #2 – Kate English (volunteer) maternal/child health expert

   #3 – John Anner, CEO Thrive Networks

   #4 – George & Erica, adoptive parents from HHI orphanage

   #5 – Sikha, adopted

     Listen to any or all here

10 Years & 200,000 Lives Touched!

HHI was founded 10 years ago. My vision was to create a program that would, “reach the most little people, at the highest risk [for Attachment Disorder], at the earliest time, with the most simple and replicable form of prevention possible.” HHI grew into this and exceeded everything I knew to be possible. We are celebrating the 200,000 moms/dads and babies that HHI has reached - with knowledge and love. The difference this has made has been as dramatic as saving children’s lives, and as simple (and powerful) as mothers being more loving/nurturing and families breaking the cycle of domestic violence. (click image to see full size)

10 yrs of HHI

I am deeply grateful to everyone who has given of their time, talents and treasures to grow HHI into the beautiful success it has become. In particular, there are 100 people that over the years have made incredible contributions, a wide variety of ways, and they have made HHI possible.     ​(click image to see full size)

1-Hands to Heart Charity Poster 24 x 36.4k