After 15 yrs, Suchitra Speaks

Fifteen years ago, in the small Indian village of Sanjamura, a baby girl was born into a family that was grieving the recent loss of a son. This baby girl was named Suchitra, but no one called her by her name, her family was mired in grief and did not welcome her with joy or love. So, as Suchitra grew up, she never spoke. She was taken to doctors for examination, but they found no medical reason for her silence, and it was clear that she could hear and that she understood what other’s said… but still she remained silent.

Then something happened. Suchitra’s sister-in-law attended an HHI training. There she heard how important it was to talk to babies, to coo and smile, to make eye contact, and call them by their names. She learned that this is how babies learn to speak. It occurred to her that Suchitra had never been given these simple gifts.

After the HHI training she returned to her home committed to speaking to Suchitra every day – with love! And, she instructed everyone else in the family to do so as well.

After 15 years of silence and loneliness, followed by only 3 months of LOVE and interaction – Suchitra began to speak!

It is never too early, or too late for Love!