Love is stronger
than war, poverty
disease & violence

As hard as it may be to imagine,
for families battling hunger, poverty, violence and disease, it can be a struggle to provide a baby’s most basic need: love. And children who are not nurtured during the critical first five years of life face emotional, physical, social and cognitive problems that can severely hinder their ability to thrive, if they even survive.

Millions of Children

Your donations can help millions of children.

Millions of children face immediate and elevated risks in development, nutrition, attachment and bonding due to intergenerational poverty, conflict, disaster, disease and neglect. 200 million children, or 40% of all children worldwide under the age of five, are not meeting their development potential. (Lancet Journal, 2009)

Challenging Environments

Empower women with charitable donations. A smile seen around the world.

In places like Uganda, where we do our work, a child is sixteen times more likely to die before their fifth birthday than a child in the US. Recovering from decades of war, Uganda has the highest proportion of AIDS orphans of any country in the world. Poverty has also made India a focus of our efforts. One-third of the world's malnourished children are found there —many of whom are also orphaned— living on less than $1 a day.

Nurturing children is the most
important job in the world

As a result of HHI's cost-effective and replicable trainings,
babies thrive - and so do their caregivers and communities.