Announcing Haiti

We are bringing our Hands to the Hearts of Haiti! We have dreamed about working in Haiti for years. There were long talks, ideas and dreams of how we could go, and how HHI could serve there. The need there is so compelling and the opportunities to serve so numerous. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere: 80% of its population lives under the poverty line and an estimated 15% of the child population is orphaned.


And now the time has come - we have the right partners, the right opportunity and it is the right time. The Alliance for Children Foundation has invited HHI to collaborate on their efforts to serve women and children in the mountain village of Kenscoff, two hours outside of Port-au-Prince. It is here that the Foundation has a Community Center which offers medical services to more than 600 vulnerable children and their families; provides vocational training and an empowerment center for women; and has an Infant’s Home to serves orphans, specifically those from birth to age three, and with special needs.

HHI is excited to partner with the Foundation. We are adapting HHI’s training materials to support the caregiver’s in the Infant’s Home, as well as the 100′s of community parents who want to provide the very best for their children. In May, HHI’s team will join the Foundation in Haiti, to conduct HHI’s early childhood development trainings for caregivers in the Infant’s Home, as well as train a group of local trainers to lead HHI’s training for parents in the community for years to come.