10 Years & 200,000 Lives Touched!

HHI was founded 10 years ago. My vision was to create a program that would, “reach the most little people, at the highest risk [for Attachment Disorder], at the earliest time, with the most simple and replicable form of prevention possible.” HHI grew into this and exceeded everything I knew to be possible. We are celebrating the 200,000 moms/dads and babies that HHI has reached - with knowledge and love. The difference this has made has been as dramatic as saving children’s lives, and as simple (and powerful) as mothers being more loving/nurturing and families breaking the cycle of domestic violence. (click image to see full size)

10 yrs of HHI

I am deeply grateful to everyone who has given of their time, talents and treasures to grow HHI into the beautiful success it has become. In particular, there are 100 people that over the years have made incredible contributions, a wide variety of ways, and they have made HHI possible.     ​(click image to see full size)

1-Hands to Heart Charity Poster 24 x 36.4k