Outstanding Outcomes in Uganda

USAID recently evaluated HHI’s impact in Uganda, and we can hardly believe the incredible results they found!

In 2010, HHI began collaborating in the post-conflict zone of northern Uganda as the “innovation” in a USAID Child Survival project, led by Medical Teams Int’l.  It was our first chance to really try to integrate HHI’s early childhood caregiver trainings into a large scale health initiative, and it was our first project in Africa.  Now after years of listening, learning, training and supporting, we have some incredible results to share with you.

More than 15,000 mothers, fathers and health workers participated in HHI’s early childhood development trainings. They care for 30,000+ young children.

Outcome highlights include:

  • Cognitive stimulation from parent to child increased from 30% – 76% (doubled!)
  • Linguistic stimulation increased from 23% – 64% (tripled!)
  • Showing affection during feeding (responsive feeding is important to preventing malnutrition) increased from 54% – 91%

And these finding showed sustainability 1½ years AFTER we were there!


Other highlights were:

  • Stopped corporal punishment
  • Stopped domestic violence (they worked out problems by talking instead, pointing to what they learned in HHI’s lesson on social-emotional development and non-verbal communication (baby cues)
    • We hadn’t thought to measure these outcomes, but these were repeatedly reported during evaluations.
  • Fathers increased their role in care-giving and were enjoying time with their children
  • Noticeable improvements in hygiene, nutrition, improved breastfeeding practices, and providing more frequent and responsive feeding
  • Increased love and affection between children and their parents
  • And so much more…..

Just imagine these results in the context – a population of people that have suffered from decades of conflict, displacement camps, poverty, violence, hunger, HIV+ and seemingly endless obstacles. Theyhave now seen their own power as parents/caregivers, the impact of their love, and the improved lives they are creating for their children, a generation raised on love.  Incredible!

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