Watch HHI on TV!

Recently HHI has been featured on NBC and Rainmakers TV.  Its been fun to share about our work, and all the incredible outcomes for babies and families around the world.  In Uganda, our work was just evaluated by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and their independent findings included:

Quantitative data collected showed a remarkable increase in key early childhood development (ECD) indicators and impressive sustainability in areas that had not had the intervention for over 18 months, a few highlights include:

  • Cognitive stimulation from parent to child increased from 30% – 76% (doubled!)
  • Linguistic stimulation increased from 23% – 64% (tripled!)
  • Showing affection during feeding (responsive feeding is important to preventing malnutrition) increased from 54% – 91%

Qualitative findings on this project were equally impressive and reported the unexpected findings of cessation of corporal punishment and domestic violence, indicators we hadn’t known to measure, but that were repeatedly reported by parents and health workers.

WOW!  Consider the impact of these changes for more than 15,000 parents and over 30,000 children all recovering from decades of trauma, violence, hunger, etc…

Just a few reasons the TV may have become so interested in HHI’s work.

See HHI’s founder/director, Laura Peterson, interviewed by Rainmaker’s TV at the Clinton Global Initiative, and then again in Portland, OR on KGW’s Live @ 7 “Talk Box”, (NBC ‘s local affiliate).

-  Watch here.