New Partner- Save the Children!


This week in Tirupati, Andra Pradesh, India, our partnership with Save the Children India launched! We’ve been keeping our lips sealed about this partnership until the contract was signed and we were 100% sure it was going to happen. Its exciting to finally share this big news.

Save the Children has been around since 1919 and works in 120 countries around the world. They work on issues related to┬áchildren’s rights, survival, protection, development and participation.

Prior to partnering with HHI, Save the Children India didn’t have any birth to three specific programming. Enter HHI! Our local trainers from Odisha traveled to Tirupati to train some of Save’s staff and local childcare workers from India’s Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) and certify them in our curriculum. Now Save the Children’s team will go on to lead HHI trainings for ICDS staff at 264 childcare centers around the region. Within one year, our partnership has the potential to train more than 8,300 caregivers, who in turn will improve the care for nearly 17,000 children!

This partnership is a perfect example of how HHI grows through partnerships with existing organizations to reach the most children at the earliest time possible.