10,000 Kids by Christmas!

Dear Friends,

I am just bubbling over with joy, pride, love… this comes from learning that via HHI’s partnership with Medical Teams, there are now 300 new HHI villages trainers in the war-torn area in northern Uganda. In just the next 6 weeks, they will lead trainings for parents in 145 villages – meaning before Christmas or Hanukkah, HHI will contribute to the healing of about 3,800 parents, and almost 10,000 young children!!!! (beyond the 6,000+ women and 36,000 children we’ve already touched).

This is the power of HHI’s model — we teach and support other groups to apply HHI within their own programs, in their own communities where the healing is most needed, and in this way our reach is exponential!

Please help me tell the world – beautiful things are happening!!!

With love and gratitude,