Oscar Nomination for HHI’s Film Partners!

Almost two years ago, HHI was looking for a film team, not just any film team, but the best we could get, for as little as we could pay. We let our friends at Vermilion Films of Portland, Oregon know, just as they were celebrating their Sundance Award for best documentary. Much to our delight, they are fans of Hands to Hearts’ work and they made it possible for us to work together to create HHI’s Baby Massage DVD. Still the perfect baby shower gift for any new parents!

I was delighted to learn that our friends at Vermilion, Irene Taylor Brodsky and cameraman Siby Veliath, have been nominated for an Oscar for their documentary short, “Final Inch”. This film documents dedicated individuals in India travel throughout the country urging parents to vaccinate their children against the disease, contributing to the global efforts to eradicate polio worldwide. See the buzz and cheer them on!

Congratulations to our friends who at Vermilion – doing important work, and doing it the best!

Now think about it… you can give the coolest baby shower gift ever. It provides simple baby masage instruction for new parents, it is easy to follow and beautifully crafted, all proceeds benefit HHI’s on-going work with vulnerable children, it features an adorable baby, and it was created by a film team that has won at Sundance and is now heading to the Oscars! Buy the DVD today!

Hands to Hearts Baby Massage DVD